Our values

When creating our company, we had to question ourselves and ask ourselves what our core values were. Make choices with the head or with the heart? What should we consider more, profits or our environmental footprint? What materialized was that it was essential for us that our company be as ecological as possible, both in the choice of materials and in the manufacturing processes. Aware that the textile industry promotes "fast-fashion" consumption, not to mention the industry being hyper polluting for the environment and harmful to its workers (conditions, chemical products, dyes…) we decided that our model should be sustainably-driven, that our products should all be made from recycled or natural fabrics from which the fabrics should be certified according to recognized standards (see our fabrics). In addition, we have created a maternity clothing line that is made with qualitative and durable fabrics not to mention that they are designed to be evolutionary, adapting, and reversible. We want to allow mothers and future mothers to consume less by wearing our clothes during and after pregnancy. Choosing 4U products means choosing to consume wisely while caring about the environment!
The other major point that was important to us was to find partnership with Quebec manufacturing to design our products. Encouraging local consumption and promoting the development of our local economy were irrefutable requirements to embed into our business. That is why we are proud to announce that all of our products are made in beautiful Quebec City and that all of our suppliers are right here in Quebec!
Finally, a word on bamboo. At 4U, bamboo is a big no-no. Although we know that bamboo fabrics looks good, seems ecological, comfortable, it remains that transforming bamboo into textile fiber is highly polluting for the environment. After using many chemicals to transform the fiber into fabric, there is hardly any trace of bamboo left in the garment. We will rather call the result of viscose or rayon from bamboo, a product that ultimately contains little or no trace of the natural fiber.